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Akhilesh MishraIANS

When an Indian diplomat broke the tradition and sought to blame the "55-year misrule by a single dynastic party" for weakening Indian democracy in a reply to an editorial piece in a local newspaper, the shockwaves repulsed quickly from the Congress headquarters demanding the ouster of the diplomat. 

Taking exception to Indian ambassador to Ireland Akhilesh Mishra's remark, the Congress said that an envoy cannot attack the opposition openly, amounting to disregard for career principles as well as diplomatic norms.

The row started over an editorial in The Irish Times 'Modi tightens his grip' eulogising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, predicting a comfortable third term for him, mentioning tax cases against opposition leaders and the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

However, the Indian embassy termed the editorial highly biased, prejudiced, and besmirched PM Modi, democracy, law enforcement institutions and the "Hindu-majority" people of India. Mishra in a rejoinder hailed PM Modi's fight against corruption and blamed "55-year misrule by a single dynastic party".

PM Modi enjoys unprecedented popularity and profile not only in India but also globally, Mishra said. "The fight against the deeply entrenched ecosystem of corruption (created by the 55-year rule, including the first 30 years, by a single dynastic party in India) is a major factor behind Mr Modi's ever-growing popularity. There is a huge sense of relief at the grassroots level to witness action being taken and recoveries made from the rich and powerful elites who operated with a sense of entitlement of impunity," Mishra said.

Reacting to Mishra's remark, Congress leader and communications in-charge Jairam Ramesh said that defending the Government of India is one thing but attacking the opposition is never expected.

Terming Mishra's remark as unprofessional and disgraceful to the country and the diplomatic norms, the Congress leader said that the ambassador breached his service rules and should be sacked.

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