When it comes to batting, almost every Indian would turn towards one man who took the game of cricket to a whole new level. He goes by the name of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Believe it or not, the two time World Cup winning Indian skipper (ICC World T20 in 2007, and ICC World Cup 2011), MS Dhoni also said that Tendulkar was like God to him.

Dhoni further stated that 'The Little Master's' (as Tendulkar is popularly known as) passion for the game and his humility inspired not only him but also other cricketers. "When we were growing up, we used to watch Sachin [Tendulkar], he was like God to all of us. He had that aura around him. Every time he turned up on the field, he wanted to improve as a cricketer. I felt he was the ideal person to look up to and that is what we did," Dhoni told reporters in New Jersey where he was felicitated by the Bihar-Jharkhand Association of North America. He was accompanied by Jharkhand Chief Minister Sudesh Mahto.

Dhoni went on to say that he saw Tendulkar while growing up and also played with him. He witnessed how Tendulkar reached the pinnacle of popularity and success. Yet, he remained humble and that is what inspired Dhoni even more. "One of the most difficult things to control is a man's greed. There is no upper limit to greed. But at the same time, we should practically set a standard as to this is what I want to achieve. Being practical in life and honest in life [is crucial]. What is important is what you are doing today and tomorrow because those small steps will in turn help you achieve in life what you want to become. Small things matter more than the bigger goal. While it is very important to dream, it is also important to be in the present," Dhoni added.