Sachin Tendulkar Shane Warne Lord's
Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne are ready to add a little more T20 to our livesReuters

We already might have a heavy dose of T20 tournaments played around the world, with the IPL heading the list, but audience, not tired of the shortest format of cricket, can now add another one to their "must-watch list" with legends Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne reportedly planning a Twenty20 tournament for retired cricketers.

The T20 game came perhaps a little too late for the likes of Tendulkar and Warne, both of whom could not quite make their presence felt in the format, even if there were glimpses of their prowess.

Imagine how nice it would have been if T20 cricket, be that the IPL or even international, had been played in the 1990s, when Sachin Tendulkar used to use that cricket ball as a medium to bring words "thwack and caress" into play, or when Warne used to make the cricket ball do his bidding, like it was some kind of highly hypnotised subject.

While those "ifs" will remain just that – yes, yes, even Viv Richards in today's T20 cricket will merely remain a fantasy in our minds – fans could be treated to some cricket from these wonderfully talented players, if (no, not that same if) Tendulkar and Warne have their way.

According to the newspaper Australian, Cricket All Stars League – the proposed name for the T20 tournament – have already made moves towards starting the tournament, with the likes of Glenn McGrath, Michael Vaughan, Andrew Flintoff, Brett Lee, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and Jacques Kallis all offered plenty of money, to the tune of $25,000 a match.

Fans might have to wait only until September to see the legends in action, as the report suggests the first phase of the tournament will take place in the USA, while the Cricket All Stars League will go around the world, entertaining fans over a three-year period.

Neil Maxwell, the manager of former Australian fast bowler Lee, who only retired from the Big Bash League last season, confirmed an offer was on the table.

"It's a group of retired blokes playing a game of cricket," Maxwell told Fox Sports. "I can't see anything wrong with it."

The last quote refers to the concerns over the fact that this could be a T20 tournament associated with the Essel Group's plans, but, according to the report, these two tournaments have nothing to do with each other.

International Cricket Council, however, did say they were not aware of the proposed Cricket All Stars League, but if the likes of Tendulkar and Warne are behind the venture, it is difficult to envisage any organisation having a problem.

Hopefully, this tournament will be played in non-Test playing nations, allowing the sport to grow and bring in more audiences.