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"Koun Hai Tumara Bowler,"  legendary Indian batter Sachin Tendulkar asked a group of youth who were playing cricket on a street in Kashmir.

Currently, on a visit to Kashmir Valley, Sachin Tendulkar was travelling on a road when he watched some youth cricket on a street.  Stepping out of his vehicle, the legendary cricketer first sought permission from them and picked up batting in no time.

"Koun Hai Tumara Bowler (Who is your bowler)," he asked them and started playing with the bat.
With this heartwarming gesture, Sachin Tendulkar delighted a group of youngsters playing gully cricket in Kashmir, terming it a "match in heaven".

Tendulkar joined the game, using a cardboard carton and an empty oil can as makeshift stumps.

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Sharing the moment on social media, Tendulkar posted a video of himself facing nine balls, captivating the locals with his presence. Clad in a brown jacket, the retired cricket legend asked the boys, "Shall we play?" and inquired, "Who is your bowler?" as he prepared to bat.

During his brief stint at the crease, Tendulkar displayed his trademark shots, including straight drives and a scoop shot. Humorously, he even attempted a paddle sweep and turned his bat upside down, challenging the boys to dismiss him with a grin.

Despite the unconventional stance, Tendulkar showcased his skill with a smooth drive, earning applause and smiles from the onlookers. Beyond cricket, he graciously took selfies with fans, leaving them with cherished memories.

Tendulkar visited Aman Setu on LoC

Sachin Tendulkar enjoyed the snowfall in Kashmir during his three-day stay at the Gulmarg ski resort. His presence seemed to bring about a much-awaited snowfall, delighting both skiers at the resort and locals who had been longing for snow for over three months.

Accompanied by his wife Anjali and daughter Sara, Sachin ventured out to relish the snowfall, even taking a ride on a snow bike at Gulmarg.

Sachin visited an art and craft center in the Kunzer area, where local weavers showcased their craftsmanship in weaving shawls and carpets.

From Kunzer, Sachin proceeded to the Aman Setu Bridge at the Kaman Post on the Line of Control in the Uri area of Baramulla district. He interacted with the soldiers stationed at the Kaman Post, acknowledging their role as guardians of the nation's borders.

Sachin visited Kashmir Willow factory, recalled getting his first bat from his sister

Earlier, Tendulkar visited a bat factory, where he got nostalgic about getting his first willow from his sister. He visited the MJ Sports Bat factory in Gulmarg, where he tried out a few blades and was shown around by the owners.

Sachin Tendulkar in Kashmir
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"The first bat given to me was by my sister and it was a Kashmir willow bat. Ab main yahan hoon to Kashmir willow ko to milna banta hai!" he posted on his social media account.