Santhanam's latest film Sabhapathy, which hit the screens on Friday, 19 November, is a comedy entertainer, directed by R Srinivasa Rao. The film has debutant Preeti Verma in the female lead with MS Baskar, Sayaji Shinde, Vamsi, Maran, Comali Pugazh, and others in the supporting cast. The film has Sam CS's music, Baskar Arumugam's cinematography and Leo John Paul's editing.

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Sabhapathy Story:
Sabhapathy (Santhanam) has a stammering problem due to which he struggles to get a job. His father Ganapathy (MS Bhaskar) pressurises him to find work following his retirement. He has feelings for his neighbour Savi (Preeti). His life turns upside down after he a bag full of money comes his way. He loses the suitcase and the drama that follows thereafter forms the crux of the storyline.

Sabapathy Review:
We have seen Santhanam mouthing funny one-liners. In fact, it has been his strength as people enjoy him mocking his sidekicks or other characters in the movies. Here he has taken up a challenge as a man who struggles to speak. The changeover needs to be welcomed.

The first half progresses at a slow pace. There is a good amount of comedy and emotions. The second half deals with the actual story. However, jokes, in places, crosses all line of decency. In fact, there is humour that is in a bad taste. Also, some emotions strike a chord with the viewers.
The chemistry between the hero and heroine does not appeal. However, the Santhanam and MS Bhaskar's scenes work.

Santhanam has done a neat job. He performs well in comedy and emotional scenes . MS Bhaskar's performance is good, while Preeti Verma has come out with a decent performance. Others are okay.

Sabhapathy.PR Handout

Sam CS's songs are up to the mark, Baskar Arumugam's cinematography and Leo John Paul's editing have done their jobs well.

On the whole, the movie has a good concept and the execution should have been better. Seriously, the comedy is average. It is a decent entertainer for the fans of Santhanam.