trupti desai kochi Airport
Trupti Desai and her friends eating breakfast at Kochi AirportTwitter/ANI

The iconic Sabarimala temple is all set to reopen on November 16 following month-long violent protests over the entry of menstruating women inside the temple premises.

Activist Trupti Desai arrived at the Kochi airport on Friday morning. She had asked the police to beef up security measures ahead of her visit to the Sabarimala shrine. However, she was not allowed to leave the airport due to the massive protests staged outside.

The protesters said that they will not allow Desai or the six women accompanying her to set foot outside the airport.

Reports also say that the protesters have been going to hotels in the vicinity asking them not to provide accommodation to Desai and her friends. 

On Thursday, the Kerala government had convened a high-level all-party meet to come to a consensus for the Sabarimala issue. However, the meeting ended with both Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party staging a walk-out. Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan had also said that special days will be allocated for women to visit the temple. 

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2018-11-1615:39 (IST)

Activist Rahul Easwar joins protest outside Kochi airport

Activist Rahul Easwar has joined the protests outside Kochi airport where Trupti Desai is stuck. Easwar who has has an ongoing fight with the gender rights activist since the Supreme Court verdict said that he will not allow Desai to step out of the airport. 

2018-11-1615:12 (IST)

Trupti an RSS activist: Kerala minister

Kerala Minister VS Sunil Kumar said that Desai is an RSS activist and the BJP is using her for their own propaganda and is creating violence in the name of Lord Ayyappa. 

2018-11-1613:07 (IST)

Decision to provide security for Desai not taken yet

The Kerala police have not yet taken the decision if they will provide extra security to Desai.

She had earlier written to the Kerala chief minister asking for extra protection but she hadn't received a reply. 

Desai is scheduled to visit the Sabarimala temple on November 17. She said that she will not leave Kochi until she visits the shrine. 

2018-11-1613:02 (IST)

Amit Malviya condones Trupti Desai

BJP's Amit Alviya blasted Desai by calling her a communist. 

He tweeted, "Trupti Desai had unsuccessfully contested the Pune Municipal Corporation election, in Feb 2012, from ward 38 (Balajinagar) on a Congress ticket. It is insidious how the Communists and Congress are shredding every tradition of the Hindu society, one step at a time..."

2018-11-1613:00 (IST)

Protests underway outside Kochi airport [WATCH]

2018-11-1612:59 (IST)

Desai receives flak on social media

Many, including women, have criticised Desai for attempting to visit the Sabarimala temple. Some even called her a confused rebel.

2018-11-1612:50 (IST)

Devotees protest against Desai's impending visit to the temple

2018-11-1612:33 (IST)

'We will not allow Trupti Desai to go out from the airport using police vehicle or other government means,' says BJP

"We will not allow Trupti Desai to go out from the airport using police vehicle or other government means. Airport taxies also won't take her. If she wants, she can use her own vehicle. There will be agitations all along her way even if she goes out from the airport," BJP district secretary MN Gopi said, reports Times Now. 

2018-11-1612:20 (IST)

'Protestors should not resort to violence,' says Trupti Desai

"Protestors should not resort to violence. Once we reach there, we'll see what level of security state gives us. Even if the state doesn't give us any security, we'll still go, but I can be attacked. I have received so many threats of attack & killing," Trupti Desai told ANI.

2018-11-1612:13 (IST)

Activist Trupti Desai not allowed to leave Kochi airport

trupti desai kochi airport
Activist Trupti Desai stuck in the Kochi AirportTwitter/ANI

Activist Trupti Desai arrived at the Kochi airport on Friday intending to visit the Sabarimala shrine. However, she could not leave due to the massive protests staged outside the airport. 

"We reached the Kochi airport at around 4:30 am. The protesters were standing outside the airport. They warned taxi drivers against taking us from the airport. Police have asked us to wait here since we could get hurt upon stepping out. We appeal to protesters to protest peacefully, but we want to tell them that we are not going back. We will go to the Sabarimala Temple tomorrow morning for darshan. We will not return to Maharashtra until we have darshan at Sabarimala," Desai was quoted saying by Times Now.