Prabhas in Saaho
Prabhas in Saaho.PR Handout

Prabhas, who had garnered a worldwide popularity with the success of Baahubali series, recently made his Bollywood debut with the film Saaho. Talking about his experience of working in the new industry, Prabhas said that he faced some sort of bias in Bollywood, but he also added that such things are common in other entertainment industries as well.

Prabhas further said that Baahubali brought about many changes in the entertainment world, and many more such films are going to be made in future.

"It has always been there in every region. Every region is used to their own actors — some have been around for 20-30 years. So, that is bound to happen. But, I think if a film is good then they always watch it. Otherwise we would never see a new actor of a director getting a chance. Baahubali broke a lot of barriers, and in a way, paved a new path for a lot of such pan India films. There will be a lot more [of such films] in the future," he told Hindustan Times.

Prabhas had invested as long as four years solely to the making of Baahubali. When asked if he does not get bothered by the fact that by the time he finishes one film, his contemporaries already do around 3-4 more than him. The actor replied in negative.

"I don't follow these rules. That's why I do many advertisements. I like to do things at my own pace. And I don't know if it is right or wrong but that's who I am," he said.

Meanwhile, Saaho has had an excellent start at the box office, but its collection went down owing to the negative reviews. Although the movie earned good money, it could not perform as per the expectations.