Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas in Saaho
Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas in SaahoPR Handout

Many viewers felt that Sujeeth had a golden opportunity to make it real with his mega-budget action thriller Saaho starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, but he has faltered in scripting and direction.

Mounting on never seen before hype, Saaho hit the cinema halls on Friday, opening to mixed response. The movie has apparently failed to meet the expectations that its promo had created before the release. Many fans of Prabhas are impressed with lead actors' performances and production values, but they are very upset with director Sujeeth for failing to handle this multi-crore project.

The viewers, who watched Saaho in the cinema halls on the first day of its release, say that Sujeeth has chosen a routine thin line story for the movie and created a mediocre screenplay that is boring and lengthy. The narration in the first half is flat and the second half deals with a confusing story, as there are too many characters.

A few even feel that Prabhas' looks and screen presence are not up to the expected mark. Sujeeth's lack of experience in handling such a huge project derailed his idea into a half baked product, say the viewers on Twitter. Here are some upset filmgoers' comments on Saaho shared on Twitter.

RaJiV @RajivAluri

#Saaho is an utter disappointment and i feel very sorry for the waste of resources. Nothing can save you once you are into it. Even the twists can't twist you. #Prabhas and action episodes are good, BGM to an extent is ok but rest all are flat and not worth

Jalapathy Gudelli @JalapathyG

#Saaho: A mindless action thriller with a truck load of money splurge on visuals and action episodes. Beneath the veneer lies the fact that it is nothing but a copy of 'Largo Winch' and 'New World'. Messy direction and logic-less sequences have made this a bore!

Rohit Jaiswal @rohitjswl01

Both #ShraddhaKapoor and #Prabhas tried their level best to save #Sahoo, but weak direction, poor story, confusing twist, predictable moves, bad action, pathetic Vfx and LENGTHY running time makes it a POOR film.. Feeling Bad for Prabhas.. he deserves success Pan India

Muhammad Adhil @urstrulyadhil

#Saaho Despite a routine story Sujeeth had an interesting script structure to build a cracker of an entertainer. But the mediocre screenplay and lack of experience in handling such a huge project derailed his idea into a half baked product.Average..! #Saaho 1st half was completely dull except for a decent interval block.Things got little better in second but half the damage was already done by the earlier half.Action blocks Lot of unwanted green mat sequences to project grandeur. #Saaho Prabhas did a fair job but looked odd at many places due to bad styling.Shradda Rest were fine.

Sumit kadel @SumitkadeI

#Saaho is 2019 BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT. Plus- Prabhas Screen presence Minus- bad performances of too many characters ,Confusing Story, Extremely boring laughable screenplay,mediocre action ,terrible direction & so many bad songs. Watch at your own risk. Rating- ⭐️ #SaahoReview

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess

#Saaho - Easily 1 of d worst movie this year. Prabhas looks dull, bad make-up, stone faced, poor screen presence. Shraddha is gud. Too many artists. Grand visuals, super bgm. No story, pathetic writing, sensless screenplay. Irresponsible product from Dir Sujeeth. Dont take risk!


#Saaho - (2.25/5) Show Time Misfires! Though the film opens with an interesting note, it later falls flat till the interval. The 2nd half holds up only for it's 2 Action blocks with climax.Weak plot.All in all, the movie's Action blocks are the only USP. Attempt GONE AWRY

Naren @naren_mekala

3hrs Runtime is big minus with too many characters, No proper script and story , director has put down some action scenes and songs ,irregular screenplay and lengthy action episodes missed golden chance in creating impact #Sujeeth #Saaho