Leaked still of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor from Saaho
Leaked still of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor from SaahoTwitter

A romantic still of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor from Saaho, which was leaked, has been creating a lot of buzz on the social media, besides raising the bar of curiosity and expectations from the film.

Saaho is undoubtedly the most-talked-about and highly anticipated movie of the year and the massive success of Prabhas's Baahubali films is responsible for such a massive hype. The makers have released a few promos, which have increased the viewers' expectations multifold. The viewers were curious to see the romance between Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, but the makers have kept its promos under wraps.

Some miscreants allegedly released a still from the movie Saaho on the internet on Sunday and this picture offers a glimpse at a romantic moment between Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor. In this picture, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor are seeing experiencing love in each other's eyes. This eye-to-eye contact moment is very sensuous and dreamy. It gives away the fairy tale feels.

This leaked still of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor has not only struck a chord with the filmgoers, but has doubled the expectations about their chemistry. This photo was an instant hit, as it started trending on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram within an after it was leaked on the internet. Many movie buffs could not stop sharing their excitement over it. Here are some of their comment from Twitter.

RISHITA‏ @riiisshh

One still..just one still has increased my excitement for #Saaho like anything!!!! I mean just look at them..❤

Md Hussain S⭐‏ @ItsHusanyS

Too much Romance in this pic Darling #Prabhas with Darling @ShraddhaKapoor #Saaho glimpse, most awaiting for this movie

KıRan Saaho‏ @KiranTweetzz

Don't Let The Sun Go Down.. #Saaho #SaahoPair

Shiv Dutta‏ @imshiva17

Aankhon ki gustskhiyan. New pic...✨ #Prabhas #ShraddhaKapoor from #Saaho Can't wait to see this beautiful pair on bigscreen.❤

#SaahoOnAug15th‏ @Srikanth_Nizam

This Cool Pic Rules the Social media#Saaho #Prabhas anna Excellent Pair @ShraddhaKapoor Darling

Teluginti kodalu‍‏ @NishBrunel

The very instant that I saw you, did My heart fly to your indulgence #Prabhas ❣ #Saaho

PRABHAS_FanBoy‏ @Saivdvj1

OMG...insta,fb,twitter whatever this cool pic sets social media on How adorable they are... #Prabhas #ShraddhaKapoor #Saaho #SaahoPair

Himanshu Rai‏ @himanshurai0007

So people are loving #prabhas and #ShraddhaKapoor leak saaho photo and it's trending on #instagram hope to see first official photo of #Saaho #saahopair @ShraddhaKapoor #Prabhas Can't wait for it.

Madhu Prabhas‏ @Madhu__Prabhas

Woow Latest Awesome Beautiful Pic Of #Saaho ❤Darling @PrabhasRaju Annayya❤ @ShraddhaKapoor ❤ Wow Superb Osm Exlent This Pic❤ Sooo Nice Sooo Cute This Pic❤❤ ❤Love you Darling #Prabhas Annayya❤

Commentor‏ @Commentor15

Cute and refreshing.... team #saaho all the best #prabhas @ShraddhaKapoor

Raju Garu Prabhas‏ @pubzudarlingye

Vaibhavi merchant ; choreographer is in Hyderabad #Saaho songs shoot going on !!