Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in Saaho
Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor in SaahoTwitter

Saaho has failed to strike a chord with the Telugu critics, who are impressed with Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor's performance and its rich production values, but they are upset with Sujeeth's script and direction.

Saaho has simultaneously been made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi and dubbed in Malayalam. Its promos had generated a lot of curiosity and expectations from the movie, which was released in over 8,500 screens across the globe in four languages on August 30. But the film has failed to live up to the expectations.

Telugu critics feel that Saaho, which has been made with Rs 350 crore, was once in a lifetime opportunity for young director Sujeeth, who has just helmed one movie named Run Raja Run. There was a huge responsibility on his shoulders but has ended up spoiling this golden chance with his meagre knowledge.

Saaho has brilliant production values and fantastic performances by Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor and other actors. But the movie has a thin storyline, weak predictable script and confusing characterisation. The first half of the film has nothing except a good introduction and a brilliant twist before the interval. The second half has a confusing screenplay and climax is the saving grace, say the Telugu critics.

The Telugu critics, who have rated Saaho an average of 1.95 out of 5 stars, add that the film is a misfire from Sujeeth, as he failed to meet the hype and curiosity that he created through its promos. The lead actors' performances and good technical values are the highlights of the movie. Continue to see their verdict and ratings for the film.

123telugu Rating: 2.75

Saaho surely does not live up to all the expectations and hype laid upon it. Prabhas leads from the front and the action part is very good. But all this only comes in the last half an hour. Rest of the film has an improper screenplay and confuses the audience. Sujeeth's inexperience takes the film down in many areas. The real test for the film will start once the long weekend is over. Fans of Prabhas will like the film but all those who are watching this film need to lower your expectations completely as Saaho does not have the adrenaline pumping moments which the makers and promos boasted off.

Hindustan Times Rating: 2

Saaho, in short, ends up as a film that never quite makes the intended impact in spite showing promise.

Times of India Rating: 2.5

Sujeeth attempts at a potboiler that fires in any and all directions to entertain the audience. You can also see how the story, despite being predictable, might have sounded good on paper, but the many twists and turns just leave you exhausted than excited. Saaho is an attempt at reinventing a story as old as time, if only the numerous 'bangs' managed to land.

Mirchi 9 Rating: 2

Saaho is stylishly made, but incredibly dull fare. The making reflects a pan-India approach, but sensibilities and content are neither here and nor there. A rich camouflage can never conceal the inherent hollowness. Saaho is a prime example. If you are a fan, you might want to check out to watch the hero on the big screen after a long gap. But, beyond that, there is no other reason to recommend a theatre visit.

Apherald Rating 0.5

Though there are lot of goosebumps action moments in many parts of the screenplay, on the whole it gives the feel of a dubbed movie, and with poor execution and with uninteresting screenplay and performances, Saaho ends as an all style and no substance passable commercial masala flick that might appeal to Prabhas fans alone

IndiaGlitz Rating: 2

Saaho unveils too many characters and two consequential twists. It is helped by breathtaking visuals in bits and pieces. However, at its core, it's a bloated film that fails to manifest its potential. The storyline holds promise but the story-telling is topsy-turvy. The screenplay should have done away with those smoking and drinking scenes in the least and presented imaginative villainism that values creative lines, not outdated deliveries. You spend Rs 250 Cr and give us routine-talking baddies and a hero of too few words? Not done.