Carl-Gustaf M4
SAAB wants to co-produce Carl-Gustaf M4 in India.SAAB

The next generation anti-tank rifle, Carl-Gustaf M4 from Swedish company SAAB, is expected to be co-produced in India under the Narendra Modi government's pet project, "Make in India."

"We had very good and positive feedback from the Indian Army because of reduction in weight and the ammunition loaded. We tried to generate interest for the weapon. They are producing the old ones and they need to update the old ones," Christer Gordon, Vice President, FFV Ordnance AB, Saab, told BusinessLine.

India produces M2 and M3 variants of the Carl-Gustaf. Following positive feedback from the Indian Army, making the M4 variant will not be difficult, according to Gordon.

The new variant, made of titanium, has improved ergonomics, is much lighter compared to M2 and M3. It can also communicate with ammunition and can be programmed.

Currently, the company is scouting for partners ready to co-develop and co-produce the guns in India.

Carl-Gustaf is a legacy weapon with the Indian Army. The M2 was developed by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) in 1976 following the signing of the first contract. In 2005, another contract was inked for making M3 in India.