SA Chandrasekhar has put an end to the rumours which claimed that his estranged son and actor Vijay did not allow them inside his house.

Vijay with mother SA Chandrasekhar
Vijay with mother SA Chandrasekhar.PR Handout

Their relationship has strained following the latter's attempts to use his son's popularity in politics. It hit a new low after Vijay, recently, sent a legal notice to his father, mother and fans club members for using his name in politics without his consent.

Thereafter rumour mongers went overdrive to spread false news about the father-son disputes. One recent report claimed that Vijay did not allow his parents to his house and they left the place without meeting the actor.

SAC Denies Speculations
Now, SA Chandrasekhar has denied the speculations stating that his son did not disrespect them although their relationship has not returned to normal.

SA Chandrasekhar and Vijay
SA Chandrasekhar and Vijay.PR Handout

He said, "There were reports that stated that Vijay made me and my wife Shobha wait at his doorstep and only allowed her to enter his house which is completely false and as of now though we have a hostility between us he never refrained from meeting his mother."

Recently, Vijay filed a case against 11 people including his parents to prevent them from conducting political meetings using his name. He moved a civil suit in a Chennai court seeking an injunction on these 11 individuals.

The development comes after Vijay's father SA Chandrasekhar to allow a registered society of their's son's fans to contest as independent candidates in the local body election.

As per the reports, his father SA Chandrasekhar had registered a political party (Vijay Makkal Iyakkam) in Vijay's name in 2020. The actor had then cleared that he has no connection with the party.

Now, he reiterated his stand again in a press release where he claimed that he has no connection with the party and warned people not to miss use his name.