'S/O Satyamurthy', 'Lion', 'Ganga'
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Allu Arjun's "S/O Satyamurthy" (SOS), Nandamuri Balakrishna's "Lion" and Raghava Lawrence's "Ganga" have received decent life-time collections at the worldwide box office.

"S/O Satyamurthy", which was released in theatres on 9 April, opened to superb response and has grossed ₹90.50 crore worldwide in its life-time. Its net total stands at ₹51.90 crore. The film has set several new records for Allu Arjun in different regions. But the film, which fetched ₹54 crore from its theatrical rights, has failed to recover the investments of its distributors.

Released in theatres on 14 May, "Lion" also received a fantastic opening, but the word of mouth took a toll on its business on the following days. The film has grossed ₹28.95 crore worldwide. Its global net total stands at ₹16.80 crore. Having sold its theatrical rights for ₹24 crore, the film has also failed to return the investments to its distributors.

"Ganga" is the Telugu version of Tamil film "Kanchana 2". The huge success of Muni series had created a lot of hype prior to its release. Released on 17 April, the film garnered positive response and maintained rock-steady business in the following weeks. It has collected ₹18.65 crore net in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

"Ganga" has fetched ₹16.50 crore from its theatrical rights of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The film has been successful in returning the investments with a small amount of profit share to its distributors.

Below is the area-wise break-up of the life-time collections of "S/O Satyamurthy", "Lion" and "Ganga". These figures are approximate numbers provided by Andhra Box Office and they may vary from the actual figures.

Area SOS Lion Ganga
Vizag ₹4.20 Cr ₹1.81 Cr ₹2.25 Cr
G East ₹2.95 Cr ₹1.14 Cr ₹1.65 Cr
G West ₹2.44 Cr ₹1.10 Cr ₹1.40 Cr
Krishna ₹2.57 Cr ₹1.00 Cr ₹1.31 Cr
Guntur   ₹3.29 Cr ₹1.66 Cr ₹1.90 Cr
Nellore ₹1.45 Cr ₹0.89 Cr ₹0.74 Cr
Ceeded ₹6.70 Cr ₹3.30 Cr ₹3.60 Cr
Nizam ₹14.05 Cr ₹4.20 Cr ₹5.80 Cr
Karnataka ₹5.80 Cr ₹1.35 Cr Nil
Kerala ₹1.15 Cr Nil Nil
Tamil Nadu ₹0.63 Cr Nil Nil
Rest of India ₹0.72 Cr ₹0.35 Cr Nil
USA ₹5.20 Cr NA Nil
Rest of World ₹0.75 Cr NA Nil
Total ₹51.90 Cr ₹16.80 Cr ₹18.65 Cr