Sony has hired director of 'Jessica Jones' S.J Clarkson to develop an untitled Marvel film, rumoured to be a female-centric project.

However, no writer or star is been brought by Sony for the project yet but it is said that film will be based on the comic-book character of Madame Web, Variety reported.

S J Clarkson
Madame Web and S J ClarksonInstagram

According to Marvel comics, the character is generally described as an old woman suffering from neuromuscular disease thereby making her difficult to walk and is connected to a life support system that is similar to a spider web.

Earlier projects with Marvel

Clarkson is not an outsider for Marvel as she has directed episodes of Netflix's Jessica Jones and The Defenders.

Marvel's Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Patsy Walker (Rachael Taylor) in Marvel's Jessica JonesFacebook/ Marvel's Jessica Jones

She was also the first choice for Paramount to direct Star Trek 4, but left last year's sequel and was replaced by Noah Hawley. Moreover, Clarkson directed the pilot episode for an unreleased Game of Thrones prequel series led by Naommi Watts.

Sony is already lined up with several superhero films for next year. On March 19, 2021, Jared Leto-starrer 'Morbius' will hit theatres while Tom Hardy's successful Venom sequel will release in June 2021.