Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool 2 released the Hindi dubbed trailer.YouTube Screenshot

After Deadpool 2 got the nominated for GLAAD Media Awards, fans will be glad to know that Ryan Reynolds himself has opened up about the upcoming Deadpool 3. As per the actor, the upcoming R-rated superhero movie is going to be in a completely different direction.

Ryan Reynolds recently spoke about the upcoming Deadpool 3. He also talked about the ongoing merger between Disney and Fox and how it could affect his Deadpool movie series. As earlier reported, Disney and Fox's merger is likely going to be completed before the Deadpool 3 movie will begin its production.

During his interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds talked about the change in characters and added that they have started the development on Deadpool 3.

"[We're] looking to go in a completely different direction," he said. "Often, they reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late."

Other than this, Ryan Reynolds did not shed light on the upcoming Deadpool 3 but based on the previous two movies, it looks like the upcoming movie will also have several humorous R-rated dialogues and would earn handsomely.

The first film in the Deadpool series was released in February 2016 and achieved both financial and critical success. The superhero movie was made against a budget of $58 million and earned over $783 million, breaking numerous records.

At the same time, the movie was praised for Ryan Reynolds' performance and its action sequences.


On the other hand, Deadpool 2 was released in 2018 and it followed the success of its prequel. The movie was made against a budget of $110 million and grossed over $743 million worldwide. The film received positive reviews by critics who praised the X-Men instalment movie for its humour and for Reynolds and Josh Brolin's performances.

Meanwhile, it was speculated that since Deadpool has the access to time travel, he might be of use to Avengers in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. But since the Avengers 4 will be releasing in April and the deal between Disney and Fox is yet to be completed, chances of Deadpool or Wolverine coming to Avengers 4 are none.

As of now, Deadpool 3 has no official release date but fans are hoping to see Ryan Reynolds back in his iconic latex suit in February 2020.