Baby in Pram
[Representative image] An abandoned baby carriage stands near the California Aqueduct.David McNew/Getty Images

A teenage mother from Russia is facing 10-year prison after she let her nine-month-old baby starve for a week that led to his death while she partied with her friends. Viktoria Kuznetsova, 17, left her baby Egor alone in the house while she spent time with her friends.

Viktoria waited for her husband to be called for military service before leaving her baby to starve to death. She abandoned the baby to stay in college accommodation with friends.

According to reports, Viktoria even put up a post on Facebook saying "everything is OK" just a day after locking her baby in her apartment. Another post said, "Hanging out with Nastya, I've dyed my hair black." Around two days later, she put up a third post that read, "We argue, we're holding grudges and getting angry with those whom we love sincerely and whom we're afraid of losing."

When the dormitory staff asked her about her baby, she told them that her toddler was staying with her aunt, local media reported. Egor's dead body was discovered after neighbours, who did not see the baby or Viktoria, called the police. When the police broke down the apartment door, they found the baby dead in his pram.

Viktoria was arrested and during interrogation, she admitted that she left the baby to die because she did not want to take care of him. In fact, she even gave the baby to an orphanage organisation when he was just one-month-old. However, the baby was returned to her when he was seven months old. Her husband is now seeking a divorce.

This is not the first case of carelessness that killed a baby. In 2011, Casey Anthony, who was called as America's most hated mother, had hogged the limelight in the murder charges of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

The Florida woman was acquitted of murdering her daughter, but a former judge recently revealed that she 'may have accidentally' killed her daughter by giving excess chloroform.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony's civil defamation trial will most likely be in April. Brought about by Zenaida Gonzalez, Anthony is being sued for the hardships forced upon Gonzalez when Anthony identified someone with a similar name as abducting her daughter in 2008.Reuters