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A team of Russian researchers has detected mysterious explosions on the Earth's atmosphere, and scientists are still clueless about their physical nature. The weird phenomena were spotted by ultraviolet telescope installed on the Russian satellite Lomonosov and the explosions apparently happened several times on the atmosphere.

In a recent interaction with Sputnik News, Mikhail Panasyuk, the director of the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Russian State University opened up more about the mysterious sky phenomenon.

"With the help of the telescope, we have obtained even more important results than we expected. It looks like we have encountered new physical phenomena... We do not yet know their physical nature... For example, during Lomonosov's flight at an altitude of several dozen kilometres, we have registered several times a very powerful 'explosion' of light. But everything was clear underneath it, no storms, no clouds," said Panasyuk.

Russian satellite Lomonosov was launched to the Earth's orbit in 2016, and its primary purpose was to observe transient phenomena in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The satellite was also dedicated to studying the radiation characteristic of the planet's magnetosphere.

As scientists were unable to give a convincing explanation for the mysterious light explosions on Earth's atmosphere, a section of conspiracy theorists has outlandishly started claiming that these events could be the sign of an impending alien invasion. These conspiracy theorists believe that aliens might have reached the Earth's atmosphere, and they might be testing their powerful weapons before aiming them to humans.

Some other section of conspiracy theorists argues that these unexplainable sky phenomena could be the sign of an imminent apocalypse. As per these theorists, the world is going through the end times, and the recent Super blood moon is an indication that the doomsday is all set to turn Earth to hell.