Russian fisherman Roman Fyodorov has been sharing terrifying pictures of his unusual catches on Instagram, which look nothing less than creatures from alien movies or mythical sea monsters.

What's more weird? He said "its meat is tender and tasty" for a picture of a shark-like scaly creature with pink floppy lips and huge eyeballs.

The picture, posted only six days ago, has already garnered more than 11.2k likes. While a user named debfrueh wrote: "Aren't you afraid to eat such strange creatures?", another person called israel_mondragong appreciated the picture saying "Great creature!".

This is not the only attention-worthy catch of Fyodorov. It consists of many more terrifying deep sea creatures.

If you scroll through his Instagram page, which has more than 280k followers, you will see horrifying photographs of creatures ranging from scaly beasts to slimy, faceless monsters.

Some of them even have vampire-like teeth, while others have globe-shaped protruding eyes.

These deep sea creatures were captured by him in northwest Russia in the ocean's "twilight zone", according to a Science Alert report.

The twilight zone, also known as the mesopelagic zone, extends from a depth of 200 to 1,000 meters below the ocean surface and receives very little sunlight.

While some creatures like the angler fish and American Plaice are identifiable by laymen, others remain unknown. Fyodorov also has pictures of some weird looking sea cucumbers, starfishes, spiders, crabs and some aquatic plants.

Check out more pictures below.

No need to invent “Monsters” Nature is already did it

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