An airport in Russia's western Urals region was evacuated on Saturday following a bomb threat, local media reported.  

More than 150 people were evacuated from the Yekaterinburg 'Koltsovo' airport while passengers on arriving flights were asked to remain inside following the threat, Russia's RIA Novosti has reported. 

Planes were also reportedly being pulled away from the airport, reported. 

The incident comes a week after a Russian passenger plane crashed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last Saturday, and experts have said that it is most likely to have been downed by a bomb. 

The Islamic State, whose militants have launched terror strikes in the restive Sinai province in Egypt, claimed responsibility for downing the Russian plane, which the group said was in retaliation to Russian airstrikes against Isis in Syria. 

While Russia has still not confirmed the theory that an Isis bomb may have taken down the plane, it has cancelled all flights to and from Egypt, stranding several of its citizens holidaying in the Red Sea resorts.