Russell Crowe, the legendary actor, has won many accolades through his blockbuster roles in films like Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Robin Hood, among others. But it is the small gestures that make an even bigger impact on fans, who fall for their beloved actor's humility. Crowe just couldn't turn down a request made by a BBC RJ, who wanted the actor to record a birthday message for a solo British sailor on a round-the-world trip.

"Long shot... anyone know any way I can get in touch with Russell Crowe? THE Russell Crowe?!" BBC Radio host Steve Harris tweeted. Little did he know Russell Crowe himself would respond to him on Twitter even though the radio DJ hadn't even tagged him.

"What's up Steve?" Crowe tweeted back. This gesture alone won many hearts, but what was about to follow was incredible.

"Hey. I wanted you to record a birthday message for an incredible woman. She's called Pip, she's sailing around the world in the Vendee Globe race, and she's a HUGE fan. It's her birthday this weekend. Could you record her a quick message saying 'Hi, happy birthday, keep going'?" the radio DJ tweeted in quick response.

Russel Crowe birthday wish

Within no time, Crowe was more than happy to be accommodating. The renowned Hollywood actor shared a 35-second video wishing Pip Hare, from Poole, Dorset who is competing in the gruelling Vendee Globe, on her birthday in advance. Hare will be celebrating her 47th birthday on Sunday in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. She has more than 2,000 nautical miles to finish the remaining line.

"Keep going"

Crowe's birthday wish wasn't an ordinary one. In the short video message, Crowe said: "Happy birthday Pip. What an amazing feeling you're going to have when you can say you've claimed the globe."

Crowe even joked about his own experience, saying: "Just this morning, I was kayaking up Coffs Creek. I had a paddle, made it significantly easier. So, it's a similar journey, I imagine," he narrated.

Russel Crowe

He further inspired her to "keep going". "Anyway, I'm just sitting here thinking about the incredible challenge in front of you and how overwhelming that must feel some days. But just keep going," Crowe said.

He ended the video with another birthday wish and an encouraging "sail well."

Speechless, still reeling

The remarkable gesture by Crowe won many hearts, but left Hare speechless.

"Today I got an amazing birthday message from @russellcrowe. Not much makes me speechless, but this did. I'm still reeling, but wanted to send this message back... Thank you so much for my birthday message. You have no idea what a surprise and how great it was to receive it. I've been on my own for 87 days," she responded.

It is gestures like these that restore faith in humanity and goodness. It surely made the day of many besides Hare.