"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8 episode 6 saw the queens giving the cast of "Little Women: LA" a "Wizard of Oz" makeover as part of the "Wizards of Drag" challenge. The challenge allowed for audiences to see one queen make significant efforts to follow the judges' advice, while another failed to get the point, again.

Major spoilers for Season 8 episode 6 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" titled "Wizards of Drag" ahead

Last week's episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race" saw one of the most talented and artistic queens of the season saying goodbye to the show. True to her lipstick message, Acid Betty is the personification of fierceness, but she was clearly defeated by Naomi Smalls in the lip sync battle for life.

Although safe, Naomi was clearly embarrassed that she had to visit bottom two, and although she takes pride in her body, it was clear to her that she needs to show more talent and less skin. Meanwhile, Bob The Drag Queen got on everyone's hit list after he won two challenges and eyeing to win a third time.

To the frustration of all queens, especially Thorgy Thor, she did win the mini challenge of the episode, which was reading. "Reading is Fundamental" required queens to roast all the fellow contestants in the cheekiest ways, and Bob burned them all good.

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However, she was not so lucky in the main challenge, in which the queens were asked to create a look for themselves, and their "Little Women: LA" partners that was inspired by "The Wizard of Oz." Although Bob created a spectacular look for the both of them, her creation got destroyed too close to the challenge and 15 minutes ahead of the challenge, she was not even in make-up.

Bob did ensure that her partner Elena Gant looked spectacular though, and that helped her be safe in the episode. However, Robbie Turner, who was partnered with Christy McGinity Gibel and Derrick Barry who was partnered with Terra Jole were not so lucky.

Despite being repeatedly told to not wrap stuff around her bikinis and call it a dress, Derrick did the exact same thing with her Tin Woodsman-inspired runway look. Even the "horse p-----s" on her shoulders couldn't save Derrick from being in bottom two. Meanwhile, Naomi came through for the competition and impressed the judges with the Scarecrow looks she created for herself and Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and won the main challenge.

Robbie Turner, however, turned off the judges with her wig again and was sent to bottom two. Her second appearance in bottom two became her last, after she failed to outdo Derrick, who killed Icona Pop's "I Love it" on stage. She was so good, at one point Ru was seen leaning on her chair to get a better look.