Season 8 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" has been one of the most intense seasons of the reality show, but few fans expected Acid Betty, one of the most artistic and fierce queens, to lip sync for her life so early on in the competition, let alone go home. Regardless of her lukewarm performance in "Supermodel Snatch Game," Betty definitely let her mark on the "Drag Race" runway and no one is going to forget her anytime soon.

International Business Times, India spoke with Betty after her elimination in Season 8 episode 5 of "RuPaul's Drag Race." Here are the excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times: You have been one of the strongest contestants and the recipient of mostly positive feedback throughout the season. How shocking was it for you to learn you were chosen for the bottom two?

Acid Betty: I was gagging! I thought at least my runway look would rescue or help me...I don't think it did.

IBT: Looking back, would you have done Nancy Grace any differently or would you have chosen a different character altogether?

Betty: I would accept the challenge and do Nancy Grace again. I'd do her absolutely better. After I bombed her so hard I thought of so many ways to do her better and I'm bitter about that.

IBT: What was going on in your head when you realised you will have to lip sync for your life wearing a huge pregnant belly? Did it hinder your performance in any way?

Betty: It hindered my performance physically cause you couldn't see my middle, but I wasn't going to be one of the queens who took off my costume or hair. I wanted to stick with it and work it out.

IBT: You have been complimented by judges, co-contestants and viewers alike, as a very creative drag queen. How do you go about creating your costumes?

Betty: Great question. I usually try to stick to a theme or inspiration, like an animal or season or mood and see how I can translate that into hair, makeup, and clothing. I try to capture movement too, if that makes sense.

IBT: Which runway costume that you presented are you the most proud of?

Betty: My neon challenge! My cool glow in the dark!

IBT: What challenge did you have the most fun doing?

Betty: B----, perfect was so much fun! I want to take that show that we did with all the girls and take it on the road!

IBT: Team Street Meatz' song was loved by both judges and viewers. Would you consider making a record with Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor? The latter even revealed in the previous episode that she is a classical violinist.

Betty: (laughs) I am trying to get the rights to do that, absolutely!

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IBT:  Who would you say (other than yourself) is the most creative with their runway looks this season?

Betty: Oh, God, that's hard... oh my gosh I don't know who! Oh you know what, I secretly started becoming a fan of Robbie Turner. At first I wasn't that impressed, I'd just see her in something and be like "that's nice", but then I started really getting it. I feel like she was building on a personal story and I became a fan. Towards the end I was like oh, I get what you do now!

IBT: What one thing would you want viewers to remember about Acid Betty from the show?

Betty: That I was the fiercest bitch on that runway! I opened doors and made people think about drag in a new way, I hope!

IBT: What is next for Acid Betty?

Betty: Hopefully I will start doing my art shows. I want to take them on the road and become an artist.