In less than a week, you can see your favourite "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestants return to the main stage for another shot at winning the title of America's next drag superstar. The winner of Season 6 Miss Congeniality, Katya will be seen competing against Phi Phi O'Hara, Alaska Thunderf***, Tatianna, Roxxxy Andrews, Adore Delano Ginger Minj, Detox, Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards starting Thursday, Aug. 25.

In the show, aired by both Vh1 and Logo TV, the girls will not be eliminated by RuPaul like the previous seasons. Instead, the top two performers, chosen by Ru, will lip sync for their legacy and the winning queen will determine who gets sent home in each episode.

"Honey, nobody can claim that this race is rigged," Ru said regarding this new twist. "I gave the power to the people. May the best All Star win!"

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Katya, one of the most popular contestants, spoke to International Business Times, India, regarding her time at the "All Stars," and in her unique and crazy way, explained things like her initial thoughts, toughest competition and the sociopath among the fellow queens.

International Business Times: What was your reaction when you heard you were invited to join "All Stars" 2? 

Katya: I thought to myself: "I don't know anything about astronomy, I wonder if they've asked the wrong person." But then I realised it was about drag, and that made me feel good because I know a lot about drag and I like it.

IBT: Who is your biggest competition/who are you the biggest fan of in "All Stars" 2?

Katya: You know, I thought at first that my biggest competition would be myself, but then I realized how cliché internal battles are so ill just say it's Phi Phi, because you just can't trust a sociopath.

IBT: What was your approach to doing the competition differently this time around?

Katya: Definitely to eat more and gain a lot of weight. Things are just easier that way -- ask any fat person and they'll tell you that. Unfortunately, the food products that the studio provide all have a thick layer of gelatin over it and it's really tough to get through when you have soft teeth. So I just drank a ton of red bull. Didn't gain any weight but I did seem like I was high all the time which intimidated the girls. That turned out to be my secret weapon. 

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