Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will Lee Sun help Han Ga Eun?MBC

The MBC historical drama, Ruler: Master Of The Mask also known as The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, will be back with episodes 29 and 30 next Wednesday, June 28, at 10pm KST. It will focus on the rivalry between Crown Prince Lee Sun and the leader of Pyunsoo Hwe group, Kim Dae Mok.

Before getting into the details, here is a quick recap of episodes 27 and 28. The commoner-turned-King Lee Sun made several reckless moves and betrayed his friend. He teamed up with the male antagonist to get Han Ga Eun.

But things took an unexpected turn and Master Han Kyu Ho's daughter became a victim of a political rivalry. So it was time for the Crown Prince to step forward and fight against the evil force. Although Master Woo Bo and the Eunuch's daughter tried to stop him, he entered the devil's den without a mask. Even the leader of Pyunsoo Hwe group was surprised to see him there.

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Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will the Crown Prince fight with Dae Mok to save Ga Eun?MBC

After watching the shocking cliffhanger of episodes 27 and 28, the Korean drama lovers could be wondering whether the male protagonist will have another difficult week or a surprising turn awaits for him in the upcoming episodes.

Since both the male leads of Ruler: Master Of The Mask love Han Ga Eun and they want to protect her even at the cost of their lives, a team up between the two can be expected in episodes 29 and 30. Though the collaboration with the Queen is unlikely, possibilities of it cannot be ruled out.

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will Hwa Gun move against Pyunsoo group?MBC

Elsewhere, Kim Hwa Goon is locked up inside her room and her bodyguard Gon could be unable to help her. But if Kim Dae Mok's granddaughter manages to escape, she can be the greatest threat for the leader of Pyunsoo Hwe group.

To find out what lies ahead for the onscreen couple, watch Ruler: Master of the Mask episodes 29 and 30 next Wednesday at 10 pm KST. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first 28 episodes online here.