Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will Ga Eun face jail time in the upcoming episodes of Ruler: Master Of The Mask.MBC

MBC historical drama Ruler: Master Of The Mask, also known as The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, will be back with episodes 25 and 26 next Wednesday, June 21, at 10 pm KST. It will probably focus on the dark side of commoner-turned-King Lee Sun.

The masked ruler of 18th-century Joseon might not be a power-thirsty politician, yet he has dreams and ambitions in life. The King does not want to sit on the throne and move against the Crown Prince, but he desperately wants Han Ga Eun by his side.

Kim Myung Soo's character was willing to do anything for the female protagonist. He even tried to impress the Queen by risking his life. While the scales were tilting in his favour, an unexpected move by Kim Dae Mok turned the table upside down.

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Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will Queen reach out for Ga Eun's help?MBC

As the queen and the rest of the elderly members of the royal family were about to announce their decision to make Ga Eun the King's bride, the female protagonist realised the tea served to them by her was poisoned.

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Ga Eun drinks poisonous tea in Ruler: Master Of The Mask episode 24.MBC

In order to prove her innocence, Kim So Hyun's character also consumes the poisonous tea towards the end of episode 24. Although the eunuch's daughter informs the Crown Prince about it, he remains helpless.

To find out what lies ahead for the onscreen couple watch Ruler: Master of the Mask episodes 25 and 26 next Wednesday at 10 pm KST. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first 20 episodes online here.

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Crown Prince gets involved in an heated argument with the King.MBC

Meanwhile, the promo hints at troubled moments for the female protagonists. It begins by featuring an argument between the Crown Prince and the masked King. "You are her guard. Why did you not protect her? There is nothing you can do," the King says.

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Will the King move against Ga Eun?MBC

The footage also features a conversation between the male protagonist and the Queen, wherein the former informs the latter, "I found out who poisoned the tea," and the Queen replies, "No matter where in Joseon he hides, he cannot survive." The trailer ends by teasing jail time for Ga Eun, as it shows the royal commander saying, "You are arrested for poisoning the Queen Dowager."

Watch the promo for Ruler: Master Of The Mask episodes 25 and 26 below: