Saudia Arabia Twitter
A screenshot of @Mujtahidd Twitter account

A mysterious Saudi Arabian tweeter known for his anti-royal tweets resurfaced over the weekend after his account was suspended for several days, and began posting explosive content once again to his 1.77 million followers.

Known by his Twitter handle @Mujtahidd, the tweeter is popular as a whistleblower who exposes corruption in the royal family and claims his account was suspended due to sensitive and private documents he had published ten months ago.

"The account was suspended between 4 March and 7 March, as I had published private documents ten months ago," Mujtahidd told IBT India in an email conversation through an id he has made public on his Twitter account.

The suspension was linked to his earlier tweet on Princess Maha al-Sudairi, in which he had posted a purported 'hotel invoice' showing that she owed a French hotel more than two million euros, he had told Middle East Eye.

True to his style, Mujtahidd immediately began posting explosive comments after his Twitter account was restored, including some on deputy crown prince Muhammad bin Nayef whom he accused of seizing the ownership of an oil refinery from an investor.

Asked if he fears repercussions for his explosive comments about the royal family in a country which cracks down heavily on social media users, Mujtahidd says, "They cannot harm me for reasons I am not ready to explain".

However, Mujtahidd claims his whistleblowing tweets, often referred to as Saudi Arabia's WikiLeaks, are not restricted to the royals alone.

"My motive is to expose corruption, injustice and hypocrisy, not necessarily within the royal family," he said.

While his identity is still a puzzle, a strong buzz suggests he may be an estranged member of the royal family or a family insider, given his scandalous scoops. 

Mujtahidd reveals his sources are well-placed and spread across all important institutions in the kingdom.

"I have sources in the royal family, the armed forces, intelligence agencies, the religious establishment, and among diplomats," he said.