Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson pulls off the facial expression of the yearBBC

Make way Internet trolls and troll faces! You might soon have quite the formidable rival in English national football team manager Roy Hodgson.

The English national boss took part in the FA Cup draw on Monday night to determine the teams that would face each other in the next round of FA Cup. Instead, he made news for the priceless expression he pulled off at the event.

While the boss got a bit of stick for defending Manchester United skipper and front-man Wayne Rooney on his controversial 'dive' against the team's last cup game at Preston, he also broke the Internet with his facial antics on the very night. Note: Once you see the face, it can never be unseen any more (you have been warned).

Needless to say, once the boss' facial expression was broadcast live on air, social media websites experienced a sort of meltdown with users quickly taking to the sites to let out their flow of creativity on the matter. All the fan-made images had Hodgson in them, trying to link his facial antic with something or the other.

While one photo showed Hodgson with the expression on his face, carrying a bag of Haribo Tangfastics with the description "Roy Hodgson enjoyed his Haribo Tangfastics last night," another claimed that "Roy Hodgson's face is Margaret Thatcher's face if it lifted weights." Another one said "Chicken mayo for 99p" was the "secret behind Roy Hodgsons face."

Our favourite, though, was the massively funny Vine post that was posted by user SniperInTheMist that showed off the expression in possibly all angles possible, followed by the user's own mimic of the expression to match the one just made famous by the England manager.

Or as the Mirror puts it: "Pursed lips, crazy grin, the wide-eyed innocence of an elderly female relative... it's all there." The Internet users might soon cut poor Roy some slack on the facial expression, but it's hard to imagine the face won't be used in numerous Internet trolls here on.