Rosin Jolly
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Often fake photos and video of celebrities are released, sparking a controversy, and recently some images alleged to be that of Malayalam television anchor-actress Rosin Jolly were doing the rounds on social media platforms.

After the photos went viral, the actress clarified through a Facebook post that the pictures do not belong to her. The "Malayalee House" actress has also exposed the identity of her lookalike Sara Maria Cobo Viveros by posting the screenshot of the woman's Facebook page.

"THIS IS NOT ME! AYAL NJAN ALLA! Dear friends it has come to my notice that there are certain nude /obscene/vulgur pictures of a girl that are being circulated on whatsapp media with the title actress Rosin Jolly photos. I would like to inform you all that these are NOT my pictures and the girl in the photos is NOT ME. It is sad and disheartening to see such things happening around us (sic)," wrote Rosin on her Facebook page.

The actress has thanked her friends who brought it to her notice and also requested all her well-wishers to support her. "Request you to support me and share this news with others who have mistaken it to be me. A special thanks to all those who have shown concern and brought it to my notice! Love you all! Note: Here are two photos. There are more photos which I can not upload due to the nature of the content (sic)," she added.

A few days ago, Malayalam actress Jyothi Krishna had also reacted to a morphed photo of her's that had gone viral on social media. "Hi friends, some boy/girl belonging to a good family has been circulating a morphed photo with my head and his/her's mother's or sister's body through Whatsapp," the actress posted on her Facebook page. Read Jyothi Krishna's befitting reply to creator of her morphed viral photo.

Similarly, actresses Asha Sarath, Gayathri Arun and Rachana Narayanankutty have also faced similar issues, with their fake videos and photos being leaked online in 2015.