Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim episode 2 will feature a reunion of onscreen couple.Twitter/SBS

The much anticipated period drama Romantic Doctor: Teacher Kim has opened to positive reviews and the viewers are eagerly waiting for episode 2, which will be aired this Tuesday, November 8, at 10 pm KST on SBS.

The period drama, starring Han Suk-Kyu in title role, revolves around the life of a successful doctor named Boo Yong-ju, the first Korean surgeon to have triple board certificate. Despite being a rising star in the medical field, he quits his job and decides to lend his service to a small clinic for some unknown reason.

Other lead characters in the mini-series are actress Seo Hyun-Jin as junior doctor Yoon Seo-Jung and actor Yoo Yeon-Seo as an intern named Kang Dong-Joo.

The period drama began with a flashback sequence of Dong-Joo's childhood and revealed the reason behind his ambition to be a successful surgeon. The premiere episode then introduced its viewers to the female lead and focused on her dedication to work.

Apart from introducing the leads, the first episode also took its viewers through a roller coaster of events and featured the demise of a character towards the end.

The second episode will continue to follow the series of events and the official trailer has hinted at troubled moments for the onscreen couple. Click here to watch Romantic Doctor: Teacher Kim via live streaming. The show will also be available online here.

After his senior doctor goes missing, the intern will start to get nightmares and decides to leave the place in the upcoming episode. He will land up at a resident hospital on the hill top called Doldam Hospital. Apparently, the hospital is run by the male lead and Hyun-Jin works for him.

In the promo, Doon Joo is seen surprisingly asking his senior, "Where have you been all this while?" and she replies, "I don't know how long you will stay here, but let's pretend that we are strangers while you are here."

Watch the sneak peek video below: