Twitter/Rocket League

"Rocket League," the physics-based soccer video game from developer Psyonix, has received a new update 4 for Xbox One, which adds bugs fixes and brings performance improvements to this popular game.

Though Psyonix had promised to bring a new basketball mode in a March update, this does not seem to include that. Nevertheless, the new update 4 will give the players some new arenas like Utopia, Utopia Dusk, Wasteland, and DFH Stadium. These arenas are stadiums where two teams play their soccer match with the vehicles that can launch airborne kicks too.

Apart from the addition of the arenas, the update also brings several bug fixes where it addresses issues of multiple crashes and improves overall stability.

The update will also be fixing an online issue that was causing the Competitive division to appear as debug text strings.

Further, Psyonix took to Twitter to inform Xbox One players that in case they get error message, "version mismatch error," they need to reboot their Xbox One console.

Here are the patch notes for update 4 that Psyonix released on its official website:

The Headlines

  • Improved performance in multiple Arenas
  • Multiple Bug Fixes

Changes and Updates


  • Improved performance in the following Arenas:
    • DFH Stadium, Utopia, Utopia Dusk, and Wasteland

Bug Fixes


  • Improved overall game stability and fixed multiple crash instances


  • Fixed an issue that cause the Competitive division text to appear as debug text strings


  • Adjusted default UI size to properly display the standard size