Rocket League
Rocket League was released in July

Rocket League from developer Psyonix will be getting new items for the upcoming Halloween. The new items will be free of cost.

This vehicle football (or soccer as it is known in the US) game is currently available only on PS4 and PC.

Sony has revealed in its blog post that players will be getting a limited-time Halloween themed items which will start to drop in on 18 October.

Players will have to unlock these Halloween related items by playing the matches. Win or loss, players will get these items that will be released as post-match drops.

Once players unlock it, they will be able to keep it for posterity. But the end date to find these items is 2 November, 2015.

Below is the list of items being offered as part of Halloween:

  • "Calavera" Antenna
  • "Candy Corn" Rocket Trail
  • "Carriage" Wheels
  • "Fuzzy Brute" Antenna
  • "Fuzzy Vampire" Antenna
  • "Pumpkin" Topper

Meanwhile, Sony also reminded Rocket League players that it will be releasing its next DLC pack titled, "Revenge of the Battle-Cars," on 13 October. This DLC will cost $3.99.

Players are promised to get two classic vehicles and "all sorts of cool goodies in there."

The game was released on 7 July, 2015. The game has made more than a million sales on Steam as of 27 August, 2015.