Rock On 2
Rock On 2 movie review by audience: Live update. Pictured: Rock On 2 posterFarhan Akhtar/ Twitter

Director Shujaat Saudagar's Bollywood movie Rock On 2 starring Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Shashank Arora and Prachi Desai, has got positive reviews from audience.

Rock On 2 is a musical drama film and it is a sequel to the 2008 film Rock On! Abhishek Kapoor and Pubali Chaudhuri have written the story for the movie, which is all about relationships. Director Shujaat Saudagar has tried to present how relationships can get complicated in very a beautiful and sensitive way.

Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Shashank Arora, and Prachi Desai have delivered brilliant performances. The amazing chemistry among them is the biggest highlight of Rock On 2. Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, who have bankrolled the film, have made sure that the flick has superb production values. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is the attraction on the technical front.

We bring you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the live update of the Rock On 2 movie review by audience:

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 10m10 minutes ago

Shujaat's #RockOn2 is a coming-of-age entertainer that redefines what entertainment is really all without preaching! The Magik band members r mature in age n their life has more subtext,a need to learn 4m mistakes,to evolve,to love selflessly #RockOn2 In an era of hyperventilating Pseudo nationalism its grt to see socialism,a need 2 help poor irrespective of their identity!! #RockOn2 Kaifi Azmi sb n Sardar Jafri sb wud have been v happy with the urge to help poor North East villagers selflessly if they'd hav seen #RockOn2 Farhan is brilliant.Various looks,hairstyles,body types n then his good soul emerges thru d eyes n a fab body language.Outstanding! #RockOn2. #RockOn2 is the Best performance of Shraddha.She brings in maturity,sensitivity,styling is totally diff n u'll b moved by her performance. Arjun Rampal has delivered a class performance in #RockOn2. Restrained,compelling,exploding yet sensitive.Guitaring looks v real!! Kumud Mishra surprisingly hams n over acts. He is so reliable but in #RockOn2 he's a liability.His portions stretch n irritate.. SEL n Tubby's music is http://sensational.Live recordings,magical variations,too contemporary.. A risk too but truly Magic!! #RockOn2 Javed Akhtar Sahab's lyrics is one of his best works.#Jaago #Udja #ManzarNaya..hugely inspiring 4 youngsters,worth revisiting! #RockOn2 Farhan sings v well.He has drastically imprvd since #RockOn.Shraddha,total surprise as a singer.Complex notes handled beautifully! #RockOn2 The locations of #Meghalaya will make you booking for your travel plans.. Instantly. Beautiful n presented nicely too #RockOn2 The pace of the film can be a problem for some but then intellectually challenged shouldn't watch #RockOn2 anyways.. It's diff kinda fun!! If good storytelling,super performances,magical music score n heart tugging subtext fascinates u, then don't miss #RockOn2.. Worth it!!

RJ Harshil ‏@RjHarshil

Shocking is in a musical movie you find very less new music. #RockOn2 Only charm of movie is cinematography and locations of Meghalaya. Arjun Ramapal looks good but story and characters have no feel. #RockOn2

Saurabh Gupta ‏@avishkaar

@faroutakhtar @ShraddhaKapoor #RockOn2 rocks! great job. (but the narration is a drag. We understand what's going on even without it). :-)

Toyash shraddha k ‏@ToyashJain

#RockOn2 is awesome movie it has a heart touching story and loved the movie so much @ShraddhaKapoor @rampalarjun @Purab_Kohli @FarOutAkhtar

Shannon Donald ‏@ShannonDonald5

#RockOn2 is awesome! Loved the storyline & how #Shillong played such an integral part + the vibe of the songs fit perfectly in their scenes!

Swudzy ‏@Swudzy

#RockOn2 #IntervalReport. An overall slow & boring 1st half dat strikes a major chord @ interval point.Hopeful fr brilliant 2nd half. The second half is better than the first half. Still insufficient to redeem the movie. An average sequel to a brilliant original. #RockOn2

Bollywoodpataka ‏@bollywoodpataka

#RockOn2 #RockOn2review #fdfs @ShraddhaKapoor like fresh air on a grey winter morning am I getting poetic. But she's cool. acting is all in place northeast looks captivating the story needs to rock right now it's rolling even though we have seen #jaago it looks n feels the new rock anthem on screen college fest material

Stutee Ghosh ‏@rjstutee

#rockon2 . Till the interval . The plot might be predictable but this is the best of #sharadhhakapoor we have seen !

Anmol Garg ‏@an_mol

#Rockon2 #rockon2Review Poor screenplay, zero (almost) dialogues. Only thing good is picturesque landscapes

Krishika lulla ‏@krishikalulla

Watched #RockOn2  with my eros team ..loved  the film with right emotion best wishes @FarOutAkhtar @ShraddhaKapoor @ritesh_sid @rampalarjun

AlwaysBollywood ‏@AlwaysBollywood

#RockOn2 review : 2.5 stars.. Just watch it for @rampalarjun .. Sadly this is the 1st @ShraddhaKapoor movie which failed to impress us... #RockOn2 review : Its really hard to digest as always energetic & rockstar attitube @FarOutAkhtar plays a troubled person in the movie. #RockOn2 : The whole movie is all about the sadness and the troubles of the individual characters which will make u feel bored till the end.

Ɽαϲλίζ ₲μρζα ‏@radiochatter

#RockOn2 is a decent effort with solid performances. Should be the best way to spend your #500 and #1000 notes. Review soon @filmfare

Umair Sandhu

#RockOn2 is not just about music. It's about relationships. And relationships can get really complicated and messy as all of us would agree. ROCK ON 2 captures it so beautifully, so sensitively, so effectively on celluloid. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is perfect. It's completely in sync with the mood of the film. Connoisseurs of music have already showered the music with rave reviews and rightly so! Cinematography is fantastic. Background Score is Excellent. Editing is Sharp & Crispy. The screenplay and dialogues are commendable. Every performance in the film deserves brownie points. #FarhanAkhtar is in Terrific Form. He Steals the Show all the Way. #ShraddhaKapoor also gave TOP NOTCH Performance. She nails her part very well.#ArjunRampal delivers his finest performance to date. #PurabKohli & #ShashankArora are Tremendous.#PrachiDesai brings in a lot of freshness and poise. Plus, she's a competent actor.#ShahanaGoswami is a talent to watch out for. On the whole, ROCK ON 2 is an amazing experience.At the box-office, this urban film holds tremendous appeal for metros and mini-metros. Go for it !! ☆☆☆1/2 ! 3.5*/5*

Vishwas Paandya ‏@VishwasPaandya

#RockOn2 is an intense&moving composition performed well by @FarOutAkhtar @ShraddhaKapoor @Purab_Kohli @rampalarjun AlltheBest @ritesh_sid

Salilacharya ‏@Salilacharya

So refreshing to see them all back on screen @FarOutAkhtar @ItsPrachiDesai @Purab_Kohli @rampalarjun #RockOn2 luvd it Luvd th casting even the walk on bands #pentagram , picked up frm whr they left off #RockOn2 @ShraddhaKapoor @FarOutAkhtar #applause And u brother are back whr u belong @Purab_Kohli luv u #RockOn2 and @rampalarjun #adonis himself man #RockOn2 Also didnt like the songs so much on #radio or #tv but on the screen somehow the tracks came alive #RockOn2 @FarOutAkhtar @ShraddhaKapoor

Malini Chopra ‏@malini_91

#RockOn2 has recreated the Magik !! The music is just FANTABULOUS !!! @FarOutAkhtar you are a true ROCKSTAR! @ShraddhaKapoor you Beauty!!.@Purab_Kohli your simplicity and easy-looking acting is just amazing to watch! You added your own charm and fondness in #RockOn2 ! Love it And yes everyone has their own music style! #MusicIsFreedom !! #RockOn2 P.s Even I do.