Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
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Robert Pattinson, who made a name for himself after he starred as Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, recently talked about Twilight and why he thinks that the entire Twilight story is "weird". Rob is currently preparing for Matt Reeves' and WarnerBros The Batman.

In a conversation with Jennifer Lopez for Variety's Actors on Actors series, Robert Pattinson talked about his blockbuster Twilight. He confessed that the human-vampire love story has always seemed like a weird saga to him.

Robert Pattinson said, "Twilight is about this guy, and he finds the one girl he wants to be with, and he also wants to eat her. I mean, not eat her, but drink her blood or whatever."

The movie received mixed reactions from critics. Many people even criticized the movie for being a little too dramatic. While others praised Robert and Kristen Stewart's performances in it.

Talking about the risks linked with projects like this, Batman movie star Robert Pattinson claimed that this type of artistic risk-taking comes naturally to him.


"It's not part of my skill set to know what an audience wants, at all. I don't have it! Not a big audience. I have no idea. But I know what I want, and so the only thing I can really do is try to make a movie that I'd go and see, and chances are there's going to be at least one other person who'll want to see it," he said. 

Robert Pattinson's acting career:

After wrapping up Twilight sage, Robert Pattinson starred in several interesting projects. The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie star worked in James Gray's The Lost City of Z. Following this, he starred as Constantine Nikas in the acclaimed drama movie, Good Time.

Robert Pattinson is also going to star in Christopher Nolan's much-awaited movie, Tenet. At the same time, he is also going to star in Antonio Campos' The Devil All the Time. Based on Robert Pattinson's acting graph, it looks like after Twilight, he did pursue more challenging roles.