Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series is back with another book. Meyer announced that her new book 'Midnight Sun' will be out in August. The story in the new book will remain the same but will be narrated from the male lead Edward Cullen's point of view.

Meyer's last series that was told from the female lead, Isabella Swan's side was also made into a five-part Hollywood movie. The latest buzz is now whether or not the new book also makes it to the silver screen, and if so, will the original cast reprise their roles?

Hollywood Life reported that a source close Robert Pattinson revealed, "Rob is very proud to be connected with the Twilight franchise as it supplied so many forever memories for him personally and certainly helped his career through all the films and fandom that came from it but when it comes to the new book he hasn't been given an advanced copy to know what other directions it may go besides obviously being about Edward's perspective."

The source further added, "He would love to do something, and is not against coming back in some way but by the time that happens, if it were to happen he is also very realistic and knows that he might be way too old to do anything with it. But no decisions or discussions have obviously been addressed at all but he wouldn't be surprised one bit to be offered something down the line in a few years and he will cross that road when it comes."


The Twilight series starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in lead roles. The two were also dating at the time but had a very messy relationship when Stewart was caught cheating with a married director, Rupert Sanders.