Robert Pattinson-FKA Twigs relationship status has left everyone confused. The couple have been fuelling break-up rumours every now and then. They had done it earlier when they reportedly pushed their wedding dates, and apparently Rob's soft corner for his "Twilight" co-star and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart was the reason for it.

And now, the singer's commitment towards the relationship has come under the scanner with reports suggesting that Rob and Twigs have been having major fights over singer's sexy on-stage performances. Apparently, Pattinson thinks that she might be taking it too far with her music and performances, reported OK! Magazine (via Star Magazine).

The report said that FKA Twigs steamy on-stage performance with hunky male dancers on 23 August has been causing rift between the couple. "Ironically, it's the kind of edgy mystique that attracted Rob to her in the first place," the source told the magazine.

"But now he seems to have become jealous and controlling, and he wants get to tone it down," an insider added.

The report further stated that the 27-year-old singer was overheard, at the same event's after-party, cribbing about Rob's attitude to her friends. "It sounded and felt to me like she and Rob had recently had it out. She used words like "needy" and "overprotective," an eyewitness told the magazine.

According to the report, FKA Twigs doesn't want to change her identity only because she is possibly getting married. "FKA think Rob is suddenly being very old-fashioned—and to her, just because there's the possibility they'll tie the knot shouldn't mean she has to change who she is," source said.

But what comes as a shock is that the report has gone ahead and claimed that FKA was spotted in Los Angeles with another man, as they went to a movie together.

Now, only time will tell the future of Robert Pattinson-FKA Twigs relationship.