Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr is the 6th highest paid actor in the worldVALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Robert Downey Jr has lately been all over the news, especially since his response to Martin Scorsese's harsh criticism of Marvel films. The MCU veteran recently appeared on The Howard Stern show where he also spoke of other matters related to Marvel, like his last moments with the great Stan Lee.

There is no question that RDJ's legacy will go on to be remembered in Hollywood for playing a vital role in Marvel Studios' 10-year journey with over 22 massive blockbuster films. But if it wasn't for legends like comic book writer Stan Lee, there would not have been an Iron Man, to begin with.

Speaking to Howard Stern on his radio show, RDJ was asked if he ever got a chance to say goodbye to Stan Lee, the Marvel legend who played a big role in creating the fictional universe. Seems like the Iron Man actor's last memorable moments with Lee were during the filming of Captain America: Civil War.

Stan Lee
Stan LeeTwitter/ Stan Lee

"One of the last times I saw him[Stan Lee] we were shooting Civil War and his cameo that day was he's a UPS delivery man and he had a great line he goes. "I have a package for Tony stank," said RDJ.

Downey was then asked if that was the last time he met Stan Lee. Though the actor continued to say "its one of the last times I saw him", his most memorable moment with Lee came during the cameo.

Lee ended up nailing the cameo scene on the first take but the comic book legend's second time filming the scene had him saying, "I have a package of Robert..." instead of Tony which left RDJ surprised.

The MCU veteran was shocked to know that even the person who created Iron Man "thinks of me in a moment where he's talking about the character." You can check out his response in the video below.