The dog was sleeping on the road in UP when construction workers poured tar on it. (Representational Image)Creative Commons

Heart-wrenching photos of a sleeping dog buried in coal tar on a road in Uttar Pradesh's Agra have taken the internet by a storm. The incident took place on the Fatehabad road when the animal was sleeping near the pavement on Tuesday (June 12).

Construction workers, who reportedly did not see the stray dog, poured burning coal tar on the dog and later crushed it to death.

A fresh layer of coal tar was being laid on the road from Phool Sayyed crossing towards the Circuit House and Taj Mahal. A dog was sleeping on one side of the road. "Instead of chasing the animal or removing it physically, burning coal tar was poured over it. Later, a road roller crushed the animal. The body has now disappeared," social activist Naresh Paras told PTI.

What is even more shocking is that even the painful howling of the dogs did not stir the construction workers to rescue the canine. After the photographs of the dead dog went viral on social media platforms, netizens have come down heavily on the insensitivity of the people laying the road.

Road built on dog
The dog was buries alive.ANI

While Anand Rai, a social activist, has dubbed the incident as "hight of cruelty", senior journalist Sunayan Chaturvedi said, "(it was) an act that shames humanity."

As the incident took place in Uttar Pradesh, a section of people on Twitter have not only lambasted chief minister Yogi Aditynath but have also lashed out at BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.