In a shocking incident reported from Madhya Pradesh, a resident of Khadra village in the state's Katni district was inadvertently buried alive on Friday, 18 September, by road workers while laying a road.

The body of Latori Barman, 45, was spotted by villagers of Khadra after they noticed his arm on the tarred road.

A drunk Barman accidentally slipped and fell into a pothole between Udlana and Hata villages in the district while returning from a fair where he had gone along with wife. She stayed back at her parents' house and Barman was returning to Khadra. 

"It was dark and there were no warning signs. He would have been walking in an inebriated condition when he fell into the pit between Udlana and Hata village and lost consciousness," said an investigating officer, according to The Times of India.

However, without noticing that a man had fallen into the pothole, workers stuffed the pothole with construction material and even levelled the portion by running a dumper over it. "Workers must not have noticed him while filling the pothole with bitumen," said the officer.

The incident came to light when Barman's wife informed about her missing husband to the villagers after finding their house locked.  

Angry villagers blocked traffic for a long time in the area and relented only after the police promised action against the construction company. 

The district administration has assured of giving a compensation of Rs 50,000 to the family of the deceased.

The driver of the dumper and the labourer who filled the pothole were arrested and booked for negligence leading to death.

Check out the shocking photos and video below: