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In September 2018, Rishi Kapoor had left to the US along with his wife Neetu Kapoor to undergo treatment for cancer. The veteran actor has been battling cancer for the last 8 months. He recently revealed that he is now in remission but still has to undergo a bone-marrow transplant before he could return to India. And while Rishi Kapoor is desperate to come back home, he recently shared an incident when an American hotel staff mistook him for an ex-waiter working in a restaurant.

Recalling the incident, Rishi Kapoor told Mid-Day, "Once I was at a restaurant, which had several Bangladeshi waiters. Each of them came and greeted me. One of the American staff members thought I was an ex waiter there, which is why the staff was talking to me. They were so embarrassed, but I laughed all the way back home."

Kapoor further revealed that the taxi drivers in New York doesn't charge him a penny but instead ask him to click a selfie with him.

The actor is very thankful to his wife Neetu Kapoor for standing besides him like a rock and being a source of motivation with her unconditional support.

And now that Rishi Kapoor has finally battled the deadly disease and has been announced cancer-free, his fans along with the industry people are waiting for his return to India all hale and hearty.