Rishi Kapoor's unusual Dussehra wish and Shastra Puja
Rishi Kapoor's unusual Dussehra wish and Shastra PujaTwitter

Rishi Kapoor is known for making funny and at time bizarre tweets, and his Dusserah wish was not any different. The veteran actor apparently worshipped a bottle opener as 'Shastra Puja' and posted a picture of the same.

Rishi recently posted a photo on Twitter that shows a bottle opener marked with sindoor and haldi, like most people worship different weapons as a part of Shastra Puja. Rishi posted the photo with a caption that read, "Happy Dusserah! Festive season begins. Use weapon responsibly".

Popular TV actress Kavita replied to it saying, "Love you and your spirit (pun intended please)". Rishi never ceases to entertain on twitter, and his followers too do not shy away from making interesting comments.

Rishi's tweet also made his fans happy because apparently, the senior actor's health is fine now. Chintu, as he is fondly called, was in New York for around a year as he was undergoing cancer treatment. He has returned to India recently and he seems to be completely okay now.

He had also posted a happy picture some time ago, marking his return to home. During his treatment, Rishi's wife Neetu Kapoor and his children – Ranbir and Ridhima have constantly been by his side.


"Neetu has stood by me like a rock. Otherwise I am too difficult a person to handle as far as food and drink are concerned. My kids Ranbir and Ridhima have really shouldered my problems," he had told a publication.