The late Bollywood icon Rishi Kapoor created a minor record even after his demise! Online search for the actor rose by 7000 per cent in India, and 6700 per cent globally after he passed away.

Rishi Kapoor

Social Media Trends
On April 30, a study by SEMrush found that fans posted 6,214 tweets on hashtag rishikapoor. Other hashtags, which were used included rishi_kapoor, riprishikapoor, riprishikapoorji, and riplegend. On these hashtags, fans tweeted 1,040 times, 995 times, 564 times, and 475 times respectively. A total of 14,394 tweets were posted about Rishi Kapoor on the day of his death.

The study further shared that the most used emoji was one expressing utter shock. 2,988 people used it. The second most used emoji was a broken heart. The third most used emoji was of a crying face with massive tears falling out of each eye. This emoji was used 961 times.

The fourth most used emoji was a tearful face with a single tear falling from the left eye. It was used 630 times. The fifth and sixth most used emojis were a bouquet and a broken black heart. Each emoji was used 556 and 484 times, respectively.

Unbelievable Loss for entire Indian Film Industry
Speaking about the results, Mr. Fernando Angulo, Head of Communication, SEMrush said: "The news of Rishi Kapoor's passing away was an unbelievable loss for entire Indian film industry. He was the true boy-next-door with a killer smile and dapper attire... While Rishi Kapoor will certainly be missed, his huge body of work remains and will ensure the actor continues to entertain audiences for generations to come".

rishi kapoor funeral

Rishi Kapoor passed away on April 30 after a two-year battle with cancer. The 67-year-old actor breathed his last at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai.

His death was confirmed Amitabh, who had tweeted: ""T 3517 - He's GONE .. ! Rishi Kapoor .. gone .. just passed away .. I am destroyed!," Amitabh tweeted on Thursday."