Acer is not giving up on PCs
Acer is not giving up on PCsReuters

Subconsciously our reliance on smartphones is so deep that we can't depart from them easily. As a result of the rising demand for smartphones in the fastest growing market, India, people have started doing most tasks while on-the-go.

As the smartphone market is evolving, companies are making these handy devices as powerful as PCs. Some of the smartphones have better specs than a PC. The sales of PCs have also declined over the last financial year, but the smartphone sales in India have mounted.

International Business Times, India spoke to one of the world's leading PC brands, Acer's senior director and consumer business head for India Chandrahas Panigrahi to know the effect the smartphone rise has had. Panigrahi has a completely different take on PCs, which defy the current trend.

"The mobile is the first device which people use to access the internet. Since the last few years, people have changed their mobile phones many times, got used to accessing the content over mobile," Panigrahi told IBTimes during a recent interview. "But they need a better experience now. That's where a larger screen, sturdy machines come into the picture. That's where the PC comes in."

Interestingly, Panigrahi also said that the growth of mobile phones and PCs go hand-in-hand. The rise of smartphones does not mean the end of PCs.

"As people get used to using a mobile phone, a need for PC goes up highly for them," he added. "In terms of consumption and creation with productivity tools, PC plays a more important role. In other geographies, it's the PC that led the market penetration but in India, PC will be tagging along those smartphones to improve the experience."