Final preparations for the Rio Olympics 2016 are getting hampered because of these riots.Reuters

Rio is in a mess as nothing seems to be alright in the state, which is about to host the world's biggest sporting event -- the Olympics -- in less than a week's time. Violent protesters blocked the relay ceremony and apparently extinguished the flame of the Olympics Torch late on Wednesday. 

As a result, the security of the Olympics Torch has been reviewed. This incident took place at the Angra dos Reis, a coastal resort south of Rio on Wednesday. 

The crowd started protesting due to the lack of public transport and late payment of salaries in the nearly-bankrupt state of Rio. When the police noticed that things were about to get out of hand, they used tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the crowd from getting violent. 

Rio de Janeiro state security secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame was worried about the security of the Torch. 

"There has never been a problem. Yesterday there was one. This needs to be reevaluated and we will be paying more attention to this question. Extinguishing the torch is a crime," Beltrame was quoted as saying by AFP. 

It is but clear that Rio is not totally ready for South America's first ever Olympics in the history with the kind of incidents going on over the last two months. 

Meanwhile, Rio metro workers have threatened to go on a strike on the eve of the Olympics 2016 if they do not get a hike of 9.83 percent. If these workers go on for a strike during the Rio Olympics 2016, then there will be a possibility of a massive traffic chaos as 5 lakh visitors are expected to be in Rio during the Games.