Rio Olympics Village
All 31 buildings inside Rio Olympics Games Village for 18,000 athletes and staff are due to be ready by Friday.Reuters

With less than a week left for the start of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, the state is having all sorts of issues. The organisers are suspecting an isolated sabotage in the Rio Olympics Games Village ahead of the start of the biggest global sporting event in the world.

Athletes from around the world started coming to Rio, but work at the venue has slowed down due to several issues at the Games Village.

A total of 18,000 athletes are supposed to stay at the Games Village, which has 31 buildings. However, it was found that 400 out of 3,600 rooms inside the buildings had defects. Water and gas leakage, blocked toilets, electrical glitches and several other issues have surfaced because of the unhappy workers. 

The Australian team refused to move into the Village on Sunday. Many other teams have also complained about the above mentioned issues at the Games Village as well. 

"We are considering isolated cases, but we haven't seen enough to say it was an organised sabotage thing," Rio spokesman Mario Andrada was quoted as saying by AP

Meanwhile, Brazilian labour inspectors have threatened to fine the organisers up to a staggering USD 100,000 for hiring labourers without proper legal contracts. Apparently, 630 workers did not enjoy benefits that would protect them from injuries at workplace. 

However, Andrada is confident that the organising committee will not be fined as they will be able to produce proper documents in front of the labour officers. 

"We might get fined, but not that amount, and we have 10 days to show the documents," Andrada added.