Malayalam actress Rima Kallingal is opening her horizon to a new level with her new dancing school Mamangam. Rima is known in the industry for her unique approaches in life as an actor and as a person. After venturing in to the field of textile industry with "Soul Sisters," the actress is now set to lauch her new dancing school at Kochi, which is her dream project.

"We at Mamangam are very serious about dancing. We are equally serious about having fun while we are at it. Mamangam aspires to be a platform where everyone who loves to dance can revel and celebrate sheer dancing. A space where we can look beyond competitions and reality shows. A ground for holistic training in various dance and martial art forms. A stage to live out your dance dreams. Mamangam is my effort at all this and much more!", the actress said in the dance school website.

The institute will train students under the guidance of renowned masters who are selected exclusively by the actress from various parts of the country.

"Mamangam aspires to provide each student an opportunity to explore, understand and cultivate his or her own style and character in dance." she added in the website.

The institute will train students in Indian dance forms Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi and in the martial art Kalaripayattu. It will also train students in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art form which combines dance acrobatic and music. This art form is known for its quick and complex moves, kicks, spins and highly mobile techniques. The dance school will also train students in Hip Hop dance form.

Rima have introduced a new program named Punarjani in the course list of her institute, which is aimed at individuals above 25 who could not pursue their love for dance that they had in their younger days. It also has a course named Udaya, which is meant for young dance aspirants to be initiated into the world of dance. Apart from dance, a course on Yoga is also included in the course list.

Mamangam will have long list of established trainers which includes Jaikishore Mosalikanth, Padmavani, N Srikanth, Ashwathy V Nair, Nancy Joy, Dil Sagar among others. The admissions to the institution is open from 1 July 2014.