Rick and Morty

After numerous bits of gossip regarding the Rick and Morty Season 3 debut, an air date is not confirmed yet. Although an air date of December 2 is making rounds on the web.

According to Rick and Morty season 3 writer, Erica Rosbe, the written story has been completed about 4 weeks ago and the animation department is doing their best to finish animating.

Rick and Morty showrunner Dan Harmon stated that "We are going as fast as we can my brother. I'm not authorised (nor would I really be able) to give you an air date for season 3." Although he validated before that the comedy series will air this year, it looks like they'll take the audience by surprise with the exact date of its release.

Harmon teases storyline of upcoming episodes. He confirmed Keith David's return as president of the US and Joel McHale's joining of the voice cast. In addition, he teases Bird Person's possible comeback by saying that "It has been a challenging season for Bird Person. But you never know..."

Rumour says that season 3 will have more episodes to come compared from the previous seasons. It has been indicated in the same report that Season 3 will have 14 episodes in all compared to the previous seasons that had only 10 episodes each.

Rick and Morty is a much-loved sci-fi anime series because of its unique method of presenting their show such as retro-scripting or ad-libbed dialogues that make the series more funny and relatable.

The show has earned a stellar reputation among fans for its high-quality production value, so it is worth waiting for the fans for the release of season 3.