After lending a helping hand and coming out to support the poor and needy with ration supplies, Richa Chadha has an important and interesting point to make on World Earth Day. Richa Chadha has always batted for mental well-being and environmental well-being.

Hence, her choice to turn vegan has not been entirely surprising. Richa shared a video on social media, emphasising on how we are destroying the environment and how by making some basic and small changes to our lifestyle can benefit nature in the long run.

Richa Chadha
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Richas minute long video explains simple tips and tricks to help save the earth. From making a small space to grow own basic produce like herbs at home or using recycled bottles of water instead of plastic or even avoid running tap water during brushing or segregating ones home waste or using kitchen scraps as compost for plants were some of the suggestions given by Richa to safeguard the environment and ensure sustainable development.

Richa's message

Richa says on her social media, "Made a video today for earth day. These things are simple enough even for a 6-year-old but sometimes we tend to forget even the basics that can help contribute. While everyone is busy sharing videos and images of peacocks on roads, dolphins in the sea, clear blue skies. We shouldn't forget that nature is healing and we must not get back to our old ways when the lockdown is relaxed."

It's about taking baby steps

Recently, Richa had come out to offer money to Gurudwara to help in the relief cause but they denied to take the money. Hence, Richa got food supplies from a wholesaler and did her own bit for those in need. Talking about the same, she had said, "This pandemic is bringing out the worst and best in humans. While some are making racist, communal comments, civil society is going out of its way to care for animals, along with humans. It's not about the big gestures or who donated how many crores. I am only talking about this because I urge others to do the same, take baby steps."