A day after hitting headlines over an objectionable video with Inaya Sultana, Ram Gopal Varma has now created a controversy by attacking the Mega Star Chiranjeevi's family. The acclaimed director hailed his nephew Allu Arjun while belittling his son Ram Charan Teja and brother Pawan Kalyan.

Ram Gopal Varma on Mega Family
Ram Gopal Varma's latest attack on Mega Star Chiranjeevi's family.PR Handout

RGV's Series on Tweets
He declared that Allu Arjun is the next Mega Star as he is a "self-made star" like Chiranjeevi. RGV tweeted, "After the original Mega star @KChiruTweets the only present MEGA STAR is @alluarjun. [sic]"

Praising Allu Arjun, Varma posted, "The intelligence of @alluarjun is in not to attend @KChiruTweets celebrations is becos he is a self made star and shouldn't join family parasites like @IAmVarunTej @IamSaiDharamTej @PawanKalyan @AlwaysRamCharan etc etc who just exist by sucking the success of MEGA @KChiruTweets. [sic]"

Allu Arjun's still from Sukumar's upcoming directorial
Allu Arjun's still from Sukumar's upcoming directorial "Pushpa'

He concludes, "Real true Success is the Mega Success of a comedian Allu Ramalingiaah's grandson @alluarjun against the sons ,nephews,nieces, uncles etc etc relatives of @KChiruTweets. [sic]"

Mega Celebration
His comments come in the wake of the Mega family members getting together to celebrate Chiranjeevi's birthday celebration in the absence of Allu Arjun. Ram Charan with his wife Upasana, Pawan Kalyan, Naga Babu, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej, Allu Aravind, Panja Vaishnav Tej and other family members attended the celebration.

However, Allu Arjun did not attend the event as he was busy with the shooting of his forthcoming flick Pushpa.

RGV vs Mega Family
Ram Gopal Varma has often attacked Chiranjeevi family for one or the other reason. Particularly, he has been a critic of Pawan Kalyan and his politics. At times, the Power Star of Tollywood had given befitting replies to RGV's comments.

It took an ugly turn after Ram Gopal Varma mocked the failure of the Power Star's Katamarayudu, while commenting on the actor's three marriages.

He tweeted: "I heard Hollywood's Disney,Fox nd Miramax are desperate to sign him after seeing KR but he only wants to power himself with the Sena of Jana. 3 wives dint see KR cos they know 30 times more what KR is telling 300 times nd not telling 3000 times .dint understand cos am watching porn."

Pawan Kalyan, who often ignored his comments, lost his patience and said, "He is more than 50 years old and his daughter is also married. But even at this age, he says that he is collecting porn films. What do I talk about such a person?"