Ram Gopal Varma has once again come under attack. This time, the filmmaker's video posted on Twitter has garnered negative comments for his "objectionable dance" with actress Inaya Sultana.

Ram Gopal Varma with Inaya Sultana
Ram Gopal Varma with Inaya Sultana.Twitter

RGV's Controversial Dance
The director himself shared the video of him dancing with Inaya Sultana on Twitter for 'Hai Rama' song from his hit Bollywood movie Rangeela.. Like in his usual way, he captioned, "I once again want to clarify that the guy in this video is not me and the Girl in Red is not @inaya_sultana and I swear this on American President JOE BIDEN". [sic]"

However, some parts of the video raised eyebrows. The way he held her tightly did not go well with the netizens. Many slammed him for "groping her" and felt that such videos show how the newcomers are treated by filmmakers in the film industry.

Many raise the casting couch issue and claimed that RGV's act sends a bad impression to aspiring actresses about the film industry. Also, he was accused of misusing his power and position in the industry.

Not to forget, Inaya Sultana too was criticised for tolerating his behaviour. She had shared her happiness over her birthday celebration with a tweet, "This is best and unbelievable moments of my life love forever Beating heart it's my birthday Party popper. [sic]"

Check out select-few comments:

Mansi: Rape karo molest karo phir ladki ki pair chuoFace with raised eyebrow

Veena: So apt for this perpetual kaam-pishaach RGV & his insatiable raakshas-hunger for publicity!Face with look of triumphFace vomiting

Pradeepp: We understand the pain of all girls who went through such Casting Couch type way.Shame is useless word for you people.

Kunal PriyadarshiFlag of India: So much enthusiasm at the age of 60, shame on you sir, you are dancing in public with a girl of your granddaughter's age.

hardik: I can't believe my eyes...itna open grope kar raha hai ye banda and why is the lady not even tryin to put him away!!!!

Bina Rai: Besharam insan desh ke dushman desh drohi ghatiya insan hai yeh ram Gopal verma sare bollywood wale or yeh ladki keisi ladki hai isko sharam nahi aati aise logo ko to desh me rehne ka koi hak nahi hai thuuu thuuu boycott gutarwood chii thuuu thuuu thuuu thuuu thuuu thuuu Angry faceAngry faceAngry faceAngry face

Mazhab Nahi Sikhata, Aapas me Bair Rakhna Flag of India: Ye aadmi actin kaise karata hoga...khud he is such a bad actor...

rbm: If u have money and mesmerizing thing with u then few will definitely accept it,like ex inaya_sultana

Ankit | Real Estate Marketer: Girls like her are the reason why most producers treat the same to other newcomers.
Just for a small role in a bgrade movie she has allowed all this then just imagine the terms for a female to lead in a big budget movies.

Kavita: Yes you're right...this isn't you or inaya. You feel people around the world are blind Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy what crap can you come up wid. Hopeless.

Bihar prasansak: I hope u do realise she let u play her like that just cuz u might offer her a role. nothing wrong with being playful but pontificating what society might dismay is bad keep it private. Full moon with face

Rahul: Don't mind dancing or whatever hell your doing in private life .
Only question what is need to put such pathetic performance on tweeter Thinking face
At least put caution disturbing video Grinning face

Rajendra Prasad R: Acts like this further degrade the respect of women artists, encourage the other worst men of industry to exploit more.
This is the classic example of misusing power position