Ram Gopal Varma has come down heavily on journalist Arnab Goswami. The filmmaker is upset with the Republic TV anchor for his allegations on the film industry.

Ram Gopal Varma and Arnab Goswami
Ram Gopal Varma slams Arnab Goswami.PR Handout/Wikimedia Commons / Debastein

Varma slammed Arnab Goswami for allegedly calling Bollywood "the dirtiest industry with criminal connections" and blaming the industry to be filled with rapists, gangsters and sexual predators. The filmmaker urged the leading names like Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to give a befitting reply to the journalist's allegations.

Ram Gopal Varma has announced that he is going to make a movie on the Republic TV's editor-in-chief with the title "ARNAB" THE NEWS PROSTITUTE.

Check out his series of Tweets:

Was shocked to see #ArnabGoswami talking about Bollywood in such a horrible way ..He calls it the dirtiest industry ever with criminal connections ,it's full of Rapists, gangsters, sexual exploiters and what not?

It beats me in what dumb way #ArnabGoswami can combine the deaths of Divya Bharthi,Jiah khan, Sridevi and Sushant into one case and claim that the murderer is Bollywood..incidentally the 4 deaths happened over a span of nearly 25 years

And in all the four cases of Divya,Jiah,Sridevi and Sushant there were completely different people and circumstances ..But in Arnab's mind they are all one and had been killed by an entity called Bollywood

My question to our Mega Smart #ArnabGoswamy ...Is Bollywood a ghoul which is sleeping in a grave in the vile Parle graveyard and does it keep coming out like Dracula whenever it gets blood thirsty ?

And why the hell are you guys #AdityaChopra , @karanjohar , @MaeshNBhatt @iamsrk @BeingSalmanKhan and so many others are so scared of the barking #ArnabGoswami that u are hiding under the tables of ur plush offices ???

Like Edmund burke said "For evil to triumph, it only takes few good men to be silent" and Arnab is EVIL for all the country's television viewers ..The fact that he shouts out such malicious lies about the industry proves that he might be actually as wrong in every other issue

If u guys #AdityaChopra , @karanjohar , @MaheshNBhatt @iamsrk @BeingSalmanKhan are so scared that if u speak against him ,it might go against the current public sentiment don't forget that it's him, who aroused that sentiment and ur silence is making u all look guilty for sure

Atleast now all film industry people should come out and speak openly about #ArnabGoswami 's falsifications instead of running scared like deer from a wild dog

That guy #ArnabGoswami is banking on the fact that we don't have the spine and as long as he runs the debate he will anyway make sure no ones point of view is ever heard and that's his modus operandi anyway

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh RajputTwitter

I for one am feeling very strongly about this and I decided to make a film on #ArnabGoswami in which I will take the clothes off his facade and make him naked exposing the lengths and breadths of all his vital corrupt stats

I believe that #ArnabGoswami has no other agenda but to come across like the ultimate hero a Dabaangish Salman Khan, kind by making all the film industry biggies to run for cover and for that purpose he will MURDER TRUTH

My film on him is titled  "ARNAB" THE NEWS PROSTITUTE

After extensively studying him I mulled on whether the tagline should be The News Pimp or The News Prostitute though both are relevant I finally settled on prostitute for its sound.

I know I used some hard language in these tweets to describe him but I took a cue of them from our very own dirty mouthed #ArnabGoswamy

Hey #ArnabGoswami whether u react to my film or not I don't care a damn because my target audience is not going to be u , but it will be ur viewers ..I want to shake them up with the way I will expose in my film the back of ur public face in Republic Tv

On the other hand if u #ArnabGoswami react to my film or try to discredit me I would welcome that too because I can use it for the publicity of my film

My one last word of advise to #AdityaChopra , @karanjohar , @MaheshNBhatt @iamsrk @BeingSalmanKhan and many others, is that it's not enough to create heroes in films and be heroes in films ,but it's also important to stand up to villains like #ArnabGoswamy

The fact that he is making all of us #AdityaChopra , @karanjohar, @MaheshNBhatt @iamsrk @BeingSalmanKhan and many many others in the industry look like we are criminals rapists etc it's better we don't act like one by hiding and come out to face him like a man

Arnab Goswami criticised Bollywood during a debate in connection with actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death.